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Learn How To Master Your Marine Electronics Like a Pro

Step up your fishing game and get ready for bigger catches and more unforgettable days spent out in nature with friends & family. Don’t let your fish finder distract you from the action. Sign up for our class today and learn how to make the most of your marine electronics.

On The Water

About "On the Water" Training

At North Florida Sonar, we offer a training program called “On the Water” that was developed by our in-house installer and lead technician, CJ Lockamy. CJ is not only an expert in installing and troubleshooting most marine electronic devices, but he’s also an avid fisherman who knows the ins and outs of how these units and their accessories perform.
You can request a 2- or 4-hour class. Training will take place on the client’s boat, here at our local lake. The client can request the training to be held on their local or home lake, within 75 miles of our shop, for an additional charge.

Expert Angler Training

What Can You Expect?

Take your angling to the next level with some savvy new skills! With a few simple tips and tricks, you can become an expert fisherman in no time.

Learn how to use your sonar unit's buttons and navigate general settings.

Locate fish and mark weigh points.

Choose the best color palette and sensitivity settings for your needs.

Adjust other settings to improve your MFD's clarity.

Understand the operation of your trolling motor.

Get familiar with forward facing sonar and turret operation.

*Maximum clarity of your machine will ultimately depend on how your units are wired and what your battery setup is.

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Let us help you understand how your marine electronics function, so that you can fight your fish not your fish finder. Contact us today to schedule a class and take the first step towards becoming a better angler.